Want to Volunteer?

If you’d like to learn more about growing food in balance with nature while experiencing the inner workings of a small, urban farm, we could use your help and I’ll be glad to teach you all I know about farming and send you home with lots of produce in return.

Our volunteer days are Tuesday and Thursday and we ideally could use need able to put in two full or half days a week, for at least a month.

We need help doing everything from routine farm tasks like, seeding, harvesting, weeding, mowing, to more involved projects like running the saw mill, basic and advanced wood working projects, bee keeping, and biochar production.

This volunteer opportunity is open to any hard-working, open minded, human with a positive mindset who believes in facts and finds value in making the world a better place.

Feel free to send me an e-mail through the contact link above.

We keep it fun, and as our previous volunteers (Shay, Kelly, Marie, Eva, TJ, Erik, and everyone else…) can tell you, there’s plenty to do! From muscle building ‘heavy lifting’ jobs (mulching, composting, building) to more quiet table work like seed saving and organizing.

Thanks for your interest.