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We practice regenerative agriculture by implementing agroecology practices in harmony with nature that exceed USDA Organic standards utilizing no-till/reduced till, permaculture principles, heirloom varieties, and seed saving.  This vegetable farm (no chickens yet) is located on the site of the old “Treadway Ranch” in West Asheville, North Carolina. We are committed to bringing a variety of fresh, ecologically grown, traditional produce to Asheville restaurants and markets while sequestering carbon using regenerative agriculture techniques. We do not use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers–ever.  We minimize the burning of fossil fuels and disruption to the ecosystem though careful planning, minimal tillage, deep mulching, on-site compost and biochar production, crop rotation, biofuels, solar PV, and vast amounts human powered hard work. We grow produce the old fashioned way: with sun, water, and plenty of TLC.

Go beyond organic. Go Psycho.

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Psycho Chicken Eco Farm
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Homestead Mode!

Since the pandemic, although our little CSA experiment was a lot of fun, we’ve decided to pull back into homestead mode to work on other projects and finally renovate the farm house.

In April 2022, Peter completed an intensive regenerative agriculture consultant training program with Nicole Masters of Integrity Soils.  And completed an internship in Canada with Bioagtive, the following May where he learned about, serviced, and installed their new carbon-sequestration technology on some truly enormous farms across Alberta and Saskatchewan, one of them 70,000 acres!  So if you’re looking for help making the transition to biologically based, regenerative agriculture let us know.  We’re open to consulting on farms both large and small, and Peter’s got a giant bag of tricks now to help your farm become more profitable while growing healthier food.  Connect directly with Peter on linkedin where you’ll find more details about the training and @peterofavl for images of his coach/consulting experiences.

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