Compost powered Root zone heating references

We’re just about to implement some compost-powered root-zone heat systems for a small, indoor plant nursery and the new high tunnel.  These are the best references I came up with on researching the implementation of  compost powered root-zone heating systems for greenhouses or other closed growing environments.

Hope you find them helpful!


Cornell Small Farm’s energy research compost pile.

All of this was inspired by Jean Pain:

A french site with the most complete info I’ve found on Jean Pain so far, with some good links to videos with subtitles at the bottom of the page:

The New Alchemy Institute’s paper of a very well referenced compost powered greenhouse:

Here’s a local copy of the same PDF linked above just in case that site isn’t available in the future:
new alchemy (local copy) pdf

I really love this super low tech, simple, and practical method of achieving root zone heating:

And if you’re wondering how many BTU/hr/ton of compost you can get (1000) Cornell Small Farms did some research:

Root zone heating can provide massive energy savings:

And some practical advice for the installation of such systems: