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Pollinators and Politics

Follow the money, and you’ll find the primary problems facing insect life, and as a consequence, all life on earth. It’s worth stating again: 98% of insects are not considered crop pests. Broad spectrum insecticides don’s discriminate between the ‘bad’ and good insects.

Vote for sustainability, with your wallet.

It’s easy to get frustrated with our seeming inability to make positive change for the good of the environment (and thus ourselves) when powerful corporate lobbyists seem to have unlimited funds to buy politicians. But as consumers, we actually have a lot of power collectively. Clean water is a critical natural resource that is… Read more »

Insects and Life

This little guy, identified by the NCSU Extension agents as a crane fly, has a lot of friends living in our hoop house right now. Frequently, when a farmer talks about insects, we expect them to be referring to a pest or problem. A fun fact I learned at a Xerces society beneficial insect class… Read more »

Carbon Sequestration and Climate

The Holocene is coming to an end. In general, we as a species have not been good stewards of the land. It’s so powerful and moving to see so many passionate people acknowledging the reality of climate change, and finding ways to combat it on a personal level since many of the governments around the… Read more »

Ecoregions and Hardiness Zones

This article goes into the differences between Ecoregions and Hardiness Zones, it’s a great reminder of how we have lots of considerations to take into account when planning for crops and permaculture plantings. Micro climates make a big difference, and perhaps more importantly, the critters that live within those regions.