Presenting at the 2023 CFSA Sustainability Conference

This year’s Carolina Farm Steward Association’s Sustainability Conference was another great success. I was given the honor to share my passion about the mechanisms of biological fertility which I’ve taken a deep dive into over the last year after hearing Dr. James White speak about endophytic bacteria and the rhizophagy cycle at last years ACRES USA conference.

My presentation received 4.54/5 stars!

“…one of the highest-rated of all 80 sessions (!!)”
–Mary Beth Miller, CFSA Education Manager

Presentation write up in the CFSA conference guide:

Mechanisms of Biological Fertility
Peter Brezny, Psycho Chicken Eco Farm

We hear all the time about how important soil health is, and it’s an easy concept to get behind because plants grow better with an active microbiological ecosystem to support them. But have you ever wondered why? Recent research has finally brought to light microbial interactions between plants and soil, and in this session, Peter breaks down the science of how fertilizers impact soil health and plants’ nutritional value, highlighting Dr. James White’s research on endophytic bacteria. He digs into how and why healthy bacteria impact plant nutrition and how that ultimately influences the nutritional value and flavor of the plants we grow.

Session Audience: Beginning to advanced growers, educators, and students interested in how recent research on biological fertility can be applied to any farming operation.

About the Speaker: Peter is a regenerative agriculture consultant, educator, and the founder of Psycho Chicken Eco Farm, an ecologically-minded vegetable farm and homestead in West Asheville, NC.

Here’s a link to the slides of my presentation:

Video of the presentation:

Links to Dr White’s research and one of his talks which inspired me to share his research along with my farming philosophy:

Tech Terra Environmental

“Plant Biological Nutrition with Professor James F. White”