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2018 Buncombe County Bee School

I’m teaching a section in the Buncombe County Bee School again this year.  One notable difference is that the Buncombe County Bee Club has completely re-vamped the curriculum and format.  This year the beginner oriented school includes a significant hands on component with breakout sessions that give you direct, small group access to the instructors–most of… Read more »

The Bee Informed Partnership is missing the mark by advocating Treatments

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Peter Brezny <> Date: Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 3:49 PM Subject: Re: Varroa Mite-A-Thon resources To: “” <> Dear Bee Informed Partnership. While I applaud your efforts for ‘big data’ collection to help better understand and guide the resolutions of problems affecting the Honey Bee, I would suggest you’re asking the… Read more »

Spongy Soils to the Rescue!

In a publication by the Union of Concerned Scientists, many papers were reviewed to come up with recommendations for  improving water retention, reducing the need for irrigation, slowing runoff, and improving soil fertility. Continuous living Cover Crops in between commodity crops and no-till agriculture were among several methods to achieve these improvements. The ‘Executive Summary’… Read more »

Plant Flowers, different flowers, lots of them.

A common mantra of many amateur bee clubs is, “Treat and feed.” I hear this all the time, and I think that new research is showing that the ‘you must treat your bee’s’ camp, is out of touch with modern beekeeping, evolution, and nature in general (see previous posts for references).  Here’s a new paper… Read more »