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Oxalic Acid for Varroa mite control…Not so much.

I just saw a presentation put on by the company who worked to get Oxalic acid approved in the US for Varroa Destructor mite treatment.  I wasn’t impressed, and in fact it only confirmed for me what many scientific articles and several books have concluded: Varroa Destructor, as an introduced pest, has dramatically disrupted the… Read more »

Varroa Mite now found to transmit bacteria as well as Viri

Press release article:   And the scientific paper:

Bees Bees Bees, So Many Genera!

A short  missive from the land of the Maya:     We took a little break from the cold and came down to the Yucatan for the holidays.  Of course the first thing I did when we made it to home base in Merida was to hunt down a beekeeper.  According to the one shop… Read more »

Bee Mite Identification tool

New tools for bee mite identification, here’s the bee informed partnership post: And a direct link:   Happy Mite Identification!    

Top Bar Hive Plans   These plans from the Wasatch Beekeepers Association in Utah, by David Bench are extremely well drawn with clear dimensions and steps outlined right on the diagram.  They also take into account using standard sized lumber, and bars that match the length of Langstroth hives–a consideration that can prove very useful in a mixed… Read more »