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Carbon Sequestration and Climate

The Holocene is coming to an end. In general, we as a species have not been good stewards of the land. It’s so powerful and moving to see so many passionate people acknowledging the reality of climate change, and finding ways to combat it on a personal level since many of the governments around the… Read more »

Ecoregions and Hardiness Zones

This article goes into the differences between Ecoregions and Hardiness Zones, it’s a great reminder of how we have lots of considerations to take into account when planning for crops and permaculture plantings. Micro climates make a big difference, and perhaps more importantly, the critters that live within those regions.

Farm Subsidies

A new report concludes that farm subsidies result in farming practices that cause more damage to the land than the value of the food produced. There’s an answer to this, human-scale, no-till, regenerative agriculture. Now before you say anything crazy like, ‘we can’t produce enough food without chemicals and artificial fertilizer to support our… Read more »

You Too Can Grow Your Own Food…

…and the farmers on youtube that helped me find my way. I tend to be a little more extreme in some areas of our farm with drastically small amounts of soil disturbance. Flipping beds by cutting out old plants to leave entire former root systems in tact for increased soil carbon and biological activity, minimal… Read more »

Regenerative Ag saves the planet

If you’re not familiar with the Rodale Institute (, they are a great resource with decades of science backing up no-till, organic practice as more productive than conventional agriculture…now this: Report Finds Agriculture A Leading Cause of Climate Change