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Let bees be bees

In response to Rusty’s recent varroa mite post (her comment form apparently didn’t like the references included in my reply so I posted it here and sent her a link).   Maybe not ‘let mites be mites’ but perhaps ‘let bees be bees’…? Rusty, Thanks for all the things to ponder from this post, you’ve… Read more »

Raising Resistant Bees, Collapse and Recovery

“Beekeeping is now a case where practice has to progress faster than science can document that progress. The emphasis needs to be on removing all treatments as fast as possible, and using Nature’s larger patterns to find a path back to health and resilience.”

How to submit Bees for Disease Analysis to USDA

Special thanks to Janet Peterson, Beekeeper extraordinaire, of for sharing this information with me:   Prodcedure for Submission of Samples for Diagnosis: General Instructions Beekeepers, bee businesses, and regulatory officials may submit samples. Samples are accepted from the United States and its territories; samples are NOT accepted from other countries. Include a short description of… Read more »

Conclusive Study: Neonic’s Kill Bees

Conclusive, real world study shows conclusive neonic damage to bumble bees from the American Chemical Society: While not so surprising (insecticides kill bees, an insect) it’s great that the American Chemical Society has stepped up and done a real world case study to conclusively prove that neonicotinoids kill bumble bees.