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Farm Subsidies

A new report concludes that farm subsidies result in farming practices that cause more damage to the land than the value of the food produced. There’s an answer to this, human-scale, no-till, regenerative agriculture. Now before you say anything crazy like, ‘we can’t produce enough food without chemicals and artificial fertilizer to support our… Read more »

Youtube Farmers I track

These are the farmers on youtube I’ve learned the most from, many of them with concise, information packed, practical videos. Sometimes, seeing a technique demonstrated once can make all the difference. I’ve learned so much from these guys…big thanks to you all! Jean-Martin Fortier: dude is seriously inspiring… (he’s not a very active youtube guy, but… Read more »

Regenerative Ag saves the planet

If you’re not familiar with the Rodale Institute (, they are a great resource with decades of science backing up no-till, organic practice as more productive than conventional agriculture…now this: Report Finds Agriculture A Leading Cause of Climate Change

Trials in the Hoop House

This year we’ve returned to semi-production as we learn what does well, and how to grow things in the new hoop house. Some things are doing amazingly well. The first bed of Kale that was seeded in early February is still going strong, and tasting great even now on the edge of July. Mizuna, Arugula,… Read more »

Compost Power!

Thought the setup took a bit of doing, surprisingly little when you consider the results–we’re now looking at 3 to 6 months of almost free heat for a 200 square foot room in the barn. The pile took 2 hours to build (shifted by hand out of the back of a trailer), and the materials… Read more »